Headlight Restoration

Cloudy, scratched headlight lens covers are a safety hazard as well as a blemish on your vehicle. This condition occurs because the plastic is overexposed to UV light. The cloudiness starts at the exterior surface of the headlight lens cover and spreads inward. If caught quickly, this damage can be removed by simply polishing the plastic until it is clear again.

Return your car, truck or SUV to its original condition. Restoring  lenses that are losing clear visibility will increase the illumination capacity of fogged, yellowed, cloudy, hazy or dull looking parts by improving their performance. It will not only enhance the appearance of the vehicle, but it will also increase road clarity for added safety. The process consist of sanding the parts to remove the yellow layer, refining or reducing the scratches, then polishing the headlight for clarity and shine.

Ours professionally-trained technicians only use the latest and most effective headlight restoration equipment and techniques. We have the experience to provide superior results for any make or model. To schedule this service or for any other questions click here

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